WATCH: Ted Cruz Blasts FBI Director During Testy Exchange In Oversight Hearing

From: Conservative Brief

A clearly frustrated Sen. Ted Cruz angrily denounced FBI Director Christopher Wray and his agency in a testy exchange during an oversight hearing on Thursday.

At one point, the Texas Republican slammed his boot on a table and denounced the agency as having become “thoroughly politicized” under Wray’s leadership.

Wray was being questioned by senators when Cruz inquired about what he described as an FBI training document that had been obtained by investigative journalism organization Project Veritas which the Texas lawmaker said “listed various symbols and themes which in the FBI’s estimation were indicative of ‘militia violent extremism.’”

According to a video clip of the exchange posted online, Cruz pointed out that, according to the alleged FBI training document, the symbols included the Betsy Ross flag — an early design of the American flag consisting of 13 stars in a circle — the Gadsden “Live Free Or Die” Flag and the Gonzales battle flag. At that, Cruz took off one of his boots and slammed it on the table to show Wray that it depicted the Gonzales flag.

“Well, I will self-report right now that every day in the Senate, I wear my boots that have the Gonzalez battle flag on the back of them,” he said (Read more)