WATCH: CNN Guest Says Trump WILL Get Re-Elected; “Sorry To Ruin People’s Coffee, But We Need To Recognize Reality”


President Trump is growing in popularity every single day, and it’s officially panic time at the fake news headquarters of CNN.

On Wednesday, the propaganda network brought on columnist Michael Gerson to explain why he believes President Trump is “likely” to

“A dire warning from a top aide to George W. Bush,” began the CNN anchor. “In a new op-ed, Michael Gerson writes, it is increasingly effort that the nightmare prospect of American politics unified Republican controlled federal government in the hands of a re-elected empowered Donald Trump in 2025 is also the likely outcome. Michael Gerson joins me now. Number one, you say it’s coming, like a a Donald Trump victory. I want to take the first part first quickly. Why do you think it is coming and maybe even likely that Donald Trump gets elected?”

Sorry to ruin people’s coffee, but we need to recognize the reality here,”…(Read more)