Trump: ‘No, It’s Not Over’ After Supreme Court Decision

President Donald Trump vowed that his campaign will “continue to go forward” with their legal challenges over the Nov. 3 election.

“No, it’s not over. We keep going and we’re going to continue to go forward. We have numerous local cases,” Trump said after the Supreme Court declined to hear a case from Texas against Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Texas Attorney General, in a lawsuit, said those states weakened their ballot-integrity laws, leading to widespread irregularities.

“We’re going to speed it up as much as we can, but you can only go so fast,” Trump told Fox News in an interview published on Sunday morning. “They give us very little time. But we caught them, as you know, as fraudulent, dropping ballots, doing so many things, nobody can even believe it,” he said.

Trump was referring to Monday’s Electoral College vote, another step in the process in a presidential election. The Epoch Times will not call the outcome of the race until election-related legal challenges have ended.

The president said that the Nov. 3 contest was “rigged” and said local Democrats “outsmarted” their Republican counterparts in allegedly perpetrating voter fraud.

“This wasn’t like a close election,” Trump insisted. “You look at Georgia. We won Georgia big. We won Pennsylvania big. We won Wisconsin big. We won it big.”

In the interview, the president said he will continue to fight, otherwise the United States will have an “illegitimate president” due to the alleged ele… (Read more)