Trump, in CPAC 2021 speech, to rip Biden and map out how to retake Congress in 2022


Former President Donald Trump will use his much-anticipated speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Sunday to offer a stinging rebuke of the first month of the Biden presidency — while laying out what the GOP needs to do to take Congress in the 2022 midterms, sources with knowledge of the speech told Fox News.

Trump’s speech — his first major address since leaving office — is hotly anticipated by conservatives who have flocked to the annual conference to meet and discuss how the conservative movement will respond to the Biden era.

“He knows it’s a very important reset for him and for the country and for half the country and so many people who are here in this ballroom,” CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

Sources told Fox News on Friday that Trump will go deep into issues like illegal immigration — where Biden has taken a number of dramatic steps to roll back Trump-era policies such as wall constructions and policies that prevent migrants from being released into the interior.

Trump is also expected to accuse Biden of pushing identity politics over American identity and speak of issues facing the American workforce — such as the closing of the Keystone XL pipeline — and the need to reopen schools. He will also return to what he sees as a need to break up Big Tech — an idea he pushed during his presidency, sources said.

Trump is, for many, the de facto leader of the conservative movement despite leaving office last month. Both his supporters and some of his opponents believe he would be a shoo-in for the 2024 GOP presiden… (Read more)