The Resistance Builds: Boebert Refuses to Comply with Pelosi’s ‘Totalitarian Mask Mandate’


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) refused a mask offer Wednesday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) updated her rules to require masks in the halls of the U. S. House of Representatives.

Boebert delivered remarks on the House floor Wednesday morning against taxpayer-funded abortions, and at one point, “when offered a mask, she returned it with a quick slide across the table,” spokesman Ben Stout told Breitbart News.

The occurrence of Boebert’s mask rejection comes after viral reports of hearsay online claimed Boebert, who was not wearing a mask, “threw” a mask at a Democrat staffer who offered her one:

Rep. Lauren Boebert just threw a mask back at a Democratic floor staffer who tried to give her one, per source on the House floor who saw it happen.

As of last night, the latest House guidance requires mask wearing on the floor and in most group meetings/spaces.

How the re-imposed House mask requirement is going: eyewitness tells me that Lauren Boebert, when offered a mask just now by a floor staffer, threw it back at them

Wow. GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert just threw a mask in the face of a floor staffer when she came to the floor not wearing one, per someone watching the exchange.

Stout confirmed the Colorado Republican does not plan to comply with Pelosi’s “anti-science, totalitarian mask mandate.”

Boebert said in a statement to Breitbart News of her decision, “Americans should not succumb to the bully tactics from extreme leftists. If members of Congress cede our freedoms here, what hope is there for the people we represent?”

The move from Boebert comes after Pelosi updated her rules about masks, announcing Wednesday morning that she was re… (Read more)