Special Election In Wisconsin Pitting Trump, Pence-Backed Candidates Goes Way of Former President

From: Conservative Brief

On a number of occasions during this year’s GOP primaries ahead of the midterms in November, candidates alternately backed by former President Donald Trump and his vice president, Mike Pence, have squared off.

The political media has referred to these as “proxy” battles between the two former running mates and described the races as preludes to what may come in terms of who could pick up the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

Trump has not formally announced a candidacy, and neither has Pence, though reports claim both are considering it. Trump himself has dropped hints for most of a year indicating he will throw his hat into the ring again.

But in the meantime, the two men are increasingly backing rival Republicans who are vying for the GOP nomination in a variety of races around the country, ranging from congressional elections to governorships.

And on Tuesday, the former president as able to notch another win as his candidate handily beat one backed by Pence.

Pence backed former Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefish for the Republican gubernatorial nomination while Trump got behind businessman Tim Michels, the latter of whom became the clear winner on Tuesday.

Per The New York Times, Michel received 47.2 percent versus 42 percent for Kleefish. Michel will now face off against incumbent Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, who ran unopposed in his party’s primary.

It should also be noted that the race was also a sort of proxy between Trump and former GOP Gov. Scott Walker, who was one of 16 other GOP candidates losing the 2016 presidential nomination to Trump… (Read more)