Send the Democratic Party into history — it’s got nothing left to offer America


The vital mission of the Republican-Right in November 2022 and ’24 should be to demolish the Democratic Party and relegate it to the Smithsonian, amid the Whig and Know Nothing parties. 

The Democratic Party of JFK, LBJ and even Bill “Welfare Reform” Clinton is long gone. The Democratic Party of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom has nothing positive to offer and deserves to be voted overwhelmingly into oblivion.

The Democratic Left has become purveyors of poverty, chaos, danger and death.  

  • First-quarter GDP shrank 1.4% amid inflation, regulation, supply-chain snafus, barren store shelves, baby-formula rationing(!) and the Biden-Democrats’ anti-business bias.

Nominal wages advanced 5.5% year-on-year in April, but last month’s 8.3% inflation (a near 40-year-high) shriveled real wages to negative 2.8%. 

Bloomberg reports that, compared to 2021, inflation will cost the average US household $5,200 this year, or $100 per week, for the same basket of goods. Biden’s five-steps-forward, eight-steps-back economy is making Americans poor again.

  • The Biden-Democratic-Left has unleashed chaos at the US-Mexico “border,” which 2,499,190 illegal immigrants breached on Biden’s watch (from Feb. 1, 2021, through March 30, 2022), versus 666,756 during Trump’s final 14 months — up 375% — as he installed 458 miles of border wall… (Read more)