Senate Votes 95 – 1 To Allow Sweden And Finland To Join NATO

From: Conservative Brief

In a 95 to 1 vote that united Republicans and Democrats, the U.S. Senate agreed to allow Sweden and Finland to join NATO.

The only vote against adding the two nations to NATO came from Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, who penned a piece for The National Interest explaining his reasoning ahead of the vote.

“Finland and Sweden want to join the Atlantic Alliance to head off further Russian aggression in Europe. That is entirely understandable given their location and security needs. But America’s greatest foreign adversary doesn’t loom over Europe. It looms in Asia. I am talking of course about the People’s Republic of China. And when it comes to Chinese imperialism, the American people should know the truth: the United States is not ready to resist it. Expanding American security commitments in Europe now would only make that problem worse—and America, less safe,” he said.

“America shouldn’t abandon NATO. But it’s time for our European allies to do more. In particular, they must take primary responsibility for the conventional defense of Europe by investing more in their own militaries. All the way back in 2006, NATO member states pledged to spend at least 2 percent of their GDP on national defense. It should be higher. The United States spends far more than that on defense. But many NATO members still haven’t met even this minimal commitment,” the senator argued.

“As to Sweden and Finland, both nations are advanced economies, with capable militaries. But they haven’t yet made the policy commitments… (Read more)