Democrats who don’t see the need for voter ID requirements are either “so dumb, you lose your place during sex” or they “want to cheat,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) said Tuesday night.

Kennedy told Fox News’ “Hannity” that while he was “sorry” that at least six Texas lawmakers who fled to Washington, D. C., last week to hold up a controversial election reform bill had tested positive for the coronavirus, they were “playing the victim” over the legislation “when they have no basis to play the victim.”

“They fit in just fine here in Washington, D. C., because in Washington, D.C., if it weren’t for double standards, there wouldn’t be any standards at all,” Kennedy told host Sean Hannity. “This place, as you know, is a lot like high school except no one ever graduates.”

At least 51 Democratic members of the Texas House of Representatives and at least nine members of the Texas state Senate flew to Washington last week to prevent the legislature from reaching a quorum during the 30-day special session that began July 13. The Texas Senate passed its version of the election reform legislation last week, but the measure is stalled due to there not being enough members of the House present to move forward.

Republicans say the bill — which outlaws drive-thru and 24-hour polling places, bans ballot drop boxes, adds voter ID requirements for mail-in ballots, and empowers partisan poll watchers — are designed to ensure the integrity of the vote by preventing voter fraud. Democrats say the legislation would make it harder for poor people and minorities to cast ballots.

“It doesn’t suppress anybody’s vote,” Kennedy said Tuesday. “It allows for very generous early voting, very generous absentee voti… (Read more)