School districts that backed Trump are returning to in-person classes more quickly, data shows


School districts in counties where a majority of voters cast their ballots for Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election are more likely to have students back in classrooms, according to a website that tracks reopenings.

The Return to Learn Tracker – a joint venture between the American Enterprise Institute and Davidson College – is monitoring more than 8,000 public school districts as to whether they are operating with full in-person, hybrid or remote-only instruction.

As of mid-March, 49% of school districts in counties that voted for Trump are operating fully in-person, while 47% are hybrid and 4% are remote-only.

That is compared to just 18% of districts in majority-Biden counties that are operating fully in-person, the data shows. In those areas, 64% of districts are opting for a hybrid learning model, while 17% remain remote-only.

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