‘Ridiculous’ to see left-wing bureaucrats bringing ‘woke-ism’ to military: Ted Cruz


Senate Foreign Affairs Committee member Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said on Friday that it is “ridiculous” to see left-wing bureaucrats bringing ‘woke-ism’ to the U. S. Army in a new ad. The video sparked an immediate online reaction, with critics warning that the “joke” of an ad would undermine confidence in the strength of the U.S. military, as others posted comparisons to the Russian military’s recruiting messages.

SEN. CRUZ: Look, it’s ridiculous, and the men and women of our military, our soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines are the toughest, most ferocious, and effective fighting force on the face of the planet. They are the reason we are free. They are the reason we have our rights. And what we’re seeing is Democratic politicians and these woke lefty bureaucrats and lefty media reporters trying to destroy the American military, trying to turn it into, … (Read more)