Republican Staffers Defy Pelosi: Maskless ‘Beer’ Pong, Cigars in Capitol Hallway


Republican staffers defied Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Thursday evening by playing beer pong (with water) in a Capitol office hallway, smoking cigars, and socializing — without masks, courting arrest by Capitol Police.

As Breitbart News reported Thursday, Pelosi ordered Capitol Police to arrest any staff and visitors who refused to comply with new mask mandates, which she imposed earlier in the week, regardless of vaccination status. She ordered the Capitol Police to report members of Congress who refused to comply to the House Sergeant at Arms for disciplinary action.

In response, several GOP members of Congress defied Pelosi’s orders by allowing staff to work without masks, or remotely.

But young Capitol Hill staffers had another idea: they brought out drinks, inflated a rubber duck, and let the good times roll.

That caught the attention of Aaron Fritschner, a staffer for Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), who sought to shame them on Twitter:

Hard to show the full scope because it’s a tight space and there are a bunch of people, but it’s about a hundred staff crammed together in a narrow hallway on second floor of Rayburn, almost all unmasked. They’re playing water pong, they have corn hole, I even smelled a cigar.

If you are wondering who these staff work for the nearby rooms include Reps. Tom Cole (OK)… (Read more)