Report: New York Supermarkets Pull Ben & Jerry’s Over Israel Boycott


Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is being pulled from the shelves of several supermarket chains in New York since the company announced its plans to boycott Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, according to a report.

Since Ben & Jerry’s announced their plans Monday to boycott “Occupied Palestinian Territory” when its local franchise’s license runs out in December 2022, several supermarket chains that have also announced their plans to start pulling the ice cream company’s products off its shelves in New York, according to World Israel News.

Seasons, an upscale kosher supermarket chain located in New York and New Jersey, sent a message to customers Monday. They said, “Seasons has removed all Ben and Jerry’s products from all its stores as a result of the ice cream maker’s decision to cease sales in parts of Israel. We stand with Israel. Always.”

Morton Williams Supermarkets board of directors met Monday evening, according to the New York Post to discuss and agree to “reduce the Ben & Jerry’s products it sells in its 16 stores by 70 percent.” The board also agreed to stop promoting the ice cream company in the weekly circulars and put the products in the “least desirable locations,” co-owner Avi Kaner told The Post. “You’ll be able to find the product, but you’ll have to look for it,” Kaner said.

Kaner hopes the company’s partial boycott with creating a domino effect to s… (Read more)