Rep. Omar: Republicans’ Acquittal Shows They Value ‘Power And Violence’ More Than Protecting Democracy


On Sunday, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) appeared on MSNBC’s “Velshi” with host Mehdi Hasan to discuss her thoughts regarding Trump’s second acquittal following the impeachment proceedings last week.

The host asked Omar about the “trial without witnesses,” noting that Omar drew up Articles of Impeachment on January 6. He wondered if the impeachment trial was what she had envisioned. She said it was, and that the witnesses are “part of Congress,” noting that “we were all there.” To call additional witnesses to testify, Omar added, “wouldn’t have been that much necessary.”

On Saturday, Newsweek reported, “Pundits and political strategists from both sides of the aisle blasted the Democrats for not allowing people like House GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to testify…”

The MSNBC host pressed Omar on the frustration many have expressed at the Democrats’s appearance to be “folding again in the face of Republican obstructionism.” Omar reminded him that many leaders in Congress were in contact with individuals on the day of the attack who may have been called to testify. “90% of these conversations we are talking about are not something that would have been new information to any of the people that would have made any considerations on whether to convict or acquit this president,” she said.

The Whip of the Progressive Caucus continued, “The decisions, sadly, that the Republican Party has made was a calculation based on power and violence being more valuable to them than protecting this democracy.” She said that seeing “nearly every single Senate Republican” vote against the consideration of charges against the forty-fifth president “tells us everything that we need to know.”

Omar described the day of the attack and her personal experience. “I was in the room with 10 of the leaders – five from the senate, five from the house..I remember Mitch and the conversations that he was having…He remembers that the president did not send help…”

The host noted that if Omar were president and had been … (Read more)