Psaki: Biden has been too busy with pandemic for first press conference


The White House says President Biden has been too busy tackling the pandemic to hold a press conference and will not set a date for his first solo appearance before reporters.

Officials have been under mounting pressure to explain why Biden has waited longer than his 15 immediate predecessors, who all held press conferences within their first 33 days, according to one analysis, in facing questions alone.

And critics say it is difficult to reconcile his reticence in office with campaign promises to restore faith in the media after four years of “fake news” attacks by former President Donald Trump.

On Friday, press secretary Jen Psaki said the White House looks forward to holding a full press conference by the end of the month and claimed Biden had taken questions in more informal settings on almost 40 occasions.


However, reporters in the White House briefing room quickly pointed out that the brief exchanges after speeches or during meetings in the Oval Office were often at a distance, making their questions and his answers difficult to… (Read more)