Pompeo Says Too Many Generals Acted ‘Political’ During Trump Administration

From: trendingpolitics.com

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during a Friday interview that some top military officers behaved in a “political” manner during then-President Donald Trump’s administration in ways that undermined his leadership and role and commander-in-chief.

Pompeo told Fox News that during his tenure with the previous administration, which began as Trump’s CIA director, he “often” saw senior military leaders behave in “ways that were political.”

“I saw too often in the Trump administration senior leaders, three and four-star generals many of whose names you wouldn’t know, acting in ways that were political,” Pompeo, a West Point graduate and former U.S. congressman, said.

“Sometimes trying to protect themselves, but often thinking they just knew more than the people who were tasked with conducting America’s diplomacy around the world from the commander-in-chief, the secretary of state, and even the confirmed secretary of defense,” he added…(Read more)