Pompeo says Republican Party can reclaim America with focus on faith


Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday laid out what he sees as the best way forward for the Republican Party and he said the focus should be on faith in God, which has been employed by some of the country’s greatest leaders.

Pompeo, who is one of the most influential conservatives in the U. S., delivered his remarks at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, California. He spoke about the Trump administration’s foreign policy achievements but mainly focused on the party’s future.

He said faith in God has been a source of strength in his personal life. He said without faith, it is “immensely difficult” to lead. He talked about the faith that soldiers have on the battlefield and the comfort that they take from “certain knowledge of everlasting life, after this existence.”

He said that knowledge “conveys undaunted courage to the weary and implacable resolve to the reticence of some.”

He also pointed to George Washington and Reagan and spoke about their faith when they were up against major challenges. Washington faced the fierce British army and Reagan had to stand up against the Soviet Union. He called them “immortal examples” for the Republican Party to pull upon.

“To reclaim America, which I believe only think our part can do, there is literally no… (Read more)