Poll: Trump’s Approval Rating With GOP Voters Rebounds To 81%


Former President Donald Trump’s popularity with Republicans has rebounded with an 81% approval rate, according to a Morning Consult/Politico poll.

The poll indicated that approval for Trump among GOP voters has risen by 5% since it hit 76% in mid-January following the Capitol riot and just before the House of Representatives voted to impeach the former president.

GOP women led the way with 15% more of them indicating their support for Trump than had earlier in January. (RELATED: Poll: 52% Of Americans Will Be Unhappy If Trump Wins Re-Election, 45% Want Him Removed From Office)

Of those Republicans polled, 50% also believe that Trump should continue to have a “major role” in the party, an increase of nine percentage points since the Capitol riot.

Since his departure from public life, Trump has said little about any political plans but has reportedly discussed the creation of a third political force in American politics, called the “Patriot Party.” Although a party calling itself the MAGA Patriot Party filed papers with the Federal Election Commission Monday, the Trump campaign disavowed any affiliation with the organization on Tuesday.

The poll indicated that 30% of Republican voters would join the Patriot Party if Trump was selec… (Read more)