AOC And Her ‘Squad’ Celebrate Biden And Harris – We Must Begin ‘Healing Our Planet’

From WWW.LIFEZETTE.COM Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her radically liberal “Squad” were quick to celebrate the inaugurations of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Wednesday, undoubtedly hoping that this new administration will help them inflict their radical agenda on our nation. As per usual, Ocasio-Cortez led the charge among her “Squad” in praising Biden and Harris. … Read more

Democrats float 14th Amendment to bar Trump from office

From THEHILL.COM Democrats are mulling whether they can use the 14th Amendment to prevent former President Trump from ever holding office again. The discussions are in the early stages — and top members of the Senate caucus aren’t yet convinced it’s a viable remedy — but senators are exploring their options as they plot a strategy … Read more

Report Show McConnell Has Been Privately Asked By Prominent Republicans, Former White House Officials To Convict Trump

From DAILYCALLER.COM Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has reportedly been lobbied by prominent Republicans and former White House officials to support impeaching former President Donald Trump, according to CNN. “Mitch said to me he wants Trump gone,” a Republican member of Congress reportedly told CNN. “It is in his political interest to have him gone. It … Read more