A Massive Victory for MAGA Happened in Ohio Last Night!

From: trendingpolitics.com In a monumental victory for America First and the New Right over the RINOs and their weak-kneed hacks, the Trump-backed candidate in Ohio, JD Vance, just dominated the primary and won the fight for the Republican nomination for the Ohio Senate seat. Vance, according to the vote-counters, won about 32.2% of the vote in a … Read more

Hunter Biden Laptop Whistleblower Sues CNN, Others Over Alleged False Claims

From: www.dailywire.com The Delaware computer repair store worker who served as the whistleblower in the Hunter Biden laptop case filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), CNN, the Daily Beast, and Politico, claiming they falsely accused him of promoting Russian disinformation. Now-former Mac shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac is seeking to … Read more

Left-Wing ‘Fact Check’ Says Bill Gates ‘Reportedly’ Owns More Farmland In U.S. Than Any Other Individual

From: www.dailywire.com Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates reportedly owns more farmland in the U.S. than any other individual, according to Left-wing fact-checking site Snopes. Snopes last week rated a claim that Gates owns “the majority of U.S. farmland” as “false,” but admitted that the tech billionaire “does own a lot of farmland.” “In fact, he reportedly owns more farmland than … Read more

Pansexual Teacher Fired From School In Florida After Discussing Her Sexuality With Students: Report

From: www.dailywire.com A Florida teacher claims that she was fired after discussing her status as a “pansexual” with students earlier this Spring. Cape Coral middle school art teacher Casey Scott claims that students were curious about her sexual orientation and that she had the conversation with them back in March, which she followed by telling … Read more