Dems introduce bill to make Washington D.C. the 51st State

A group of Senate Democrats have reintroduced legislation to make Washington D.C. the 51st state. Many Democrats have indicated support for the proposal including Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and President Biden. Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) said “This isn’t a Republican or Democratic issue; it’s an American issue because the lack of fair representation for D.C. … Read more

Judge rules Virginia’s late election law changes for mail-in ballots were illegal

From WWW.WASHINGTONEXAMINER.COM A Virginia Circuit Court judge ruled that the state’s last-minute changes to election law allowing mail-in ballots to arrive late without a postmark were illegal. “This is a big win for the Rule of Law,” said Public Interest Legal Foundation President J. Christian Adams, who represented Frederick County electoral board member Thomas Reed in … Read more

‘Enjoy Yourselves In Living In Your Fantasy Land’: Don Lemon Says Trump Supporters ‘Are Not Living In Reality’

CNN host Don Lemon said Tuesday he didn’t think it was possible to redeem some supporters of former President Donald Trump and that they could “enjoy” themselves living in their “fantasy land.” Lemon was joined on his broadcast of “CNN Tonight” by former Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich and discussed with him how some Republicans … Read more

Tom Cotton demands end to National Guard presence after no ‘credible’ threats observed

From WWW.WASHINGTONEXAMINER.COM Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton demanded the withdrawal of thousands of National Guard members in the Washington, D. C., area after he indicated no “credible” threats are present. “With the inauguration complete and threats receding, now it’s time, yes, to send home the troops,” Cotton wrote in a Wednesday op-ed. “I sit on the Intelligence … Read more

Senate GOP signals it’s likely to acquit Trump for second time

From THEHILL.COM Senate Republicans seem ready to hand former President Trump his second acquittal in an impeachment trial in a little more than a year after just five GOP senators on Tuesday rejected a motion that the trial was unconstitutional. Most GOP senators haven’t formally announced how they will vote on convicting Trump, and, in a … Read more