WATCH: Republican Senator calls for Trump to concede and “accept the outcome of the election”

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” this morning Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania called on Trump to concede the election. “I think the president should accept the outcome of the election,” Toomey said, adding “He had every right to challenge these votes, he had every right to recounts and to litigate. He has done all … Read more

Kayleigh fires back at Jake Tapper for suggesting she’s a liar “I do not lie. But I DO call out the lies of the media”

Sunday morning, Kayleigh McEnany fired back at Jake Tapper for suggesting she’s a liar. McEnany wrote “This is a therapy session for a broken network, and @jaketapper is lazy enough to participate by lobbing baseless personal attacks, with ZERO evidence.” She added “Jake’s real problem: I do not leak. I do not lie. But I … Read more

Kamala Harris Gets Absolutely Obliterated After She Releases Video Claiming She Has Celebrated Kwanzaa Since Childhood

Kamala Harris released a Kwanzaa video this holiday season detailing how she frequently celebrated the holiday as a child. The video was obviously just more pandering from one of the phoniest politicians in American history. The Twitter community wasn’t having it considering Harris immediately got hammered for her bogus video as people pointed out all the … Read more

Trump Blasts McConnell, GOP Senators for Showing ‘No Fight’ in Election Fraud Allegations

President Donald Trump has long known he was virtually alone in fighting the swamp rat army that has long infested Washington, D.C. But after his reelection bid appears to have been taken from him via a well-executed vote manipulation strategy, he’s really discovered that short of a few close aides, he is completely alone. Though he helped several … Read more