Man Who Admitted To Pointing Gun At Rittenhouse Derides Teen For Crying On Stand: ‘Like A Child’


Just days after he appeared on the stand, Gaige Grosskreutz went on “Good Morning America” and derided defendant Kyle Rittenhouse for crying as he testified about the moments leading up to a fatal shooting on August 25, 2020.

“To me, it seemed like a child who had just gotten caught doing something that he wasn’t supposed to — more upset that he was caught and less upset about what he had done and what he had taken and the numerous lives that he affected through his actions that night,” Grosskreutz said, the New York Post reported.

“You know, he [Rittenhouse] was not, I believe, in imminent fear of danger for his own life,” claimed Grosskreutz’s lawyer Kimberly Motley, calling the teen an “active shooter.”

“People need to pay attention to the inconsistent statements from the … defendant,” she added…(Read more)