Lindsey Graham: ‘If You’re Wanting To Erase Donald Trump From The [Republican] Party, You’re Going To Get Erased’


Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said Wednesday that it would be a grave error to try to “erase” former President Donald Trump from the Republican Party because of the support he still enjoys within it.

“I hope people in our party understand the party itself. If you’re wanting to erase Donald Trump from the party, you’re going to get erased,” Graham told Fox News just hours after the inauguration Wednesday of President Joe Biden.

“Most Republicans like his policies. A lot of Republicans like his style,” Graham continued. “A lot of people are disappointed with him personally at times but appreciate the outcomes he’s achieved for our country.”

The senator was asked if he thinks Trump will try to form another political party, reportedly to be called the Patriot Party. Sources told the Wall Street Journal that the president has floated the notion among his inner circle of confidantes.

“I hope he doesn’t,” Graham responded, saying that his wish is for Trump to “stay the leader of the Republican Party.” He insisted the Trump… (Read more)