Liberal media largely ignore egg attack on Black Calif. GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder


Republican California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder had an egg thrown at him by a person in a gorilla mask while walking in Los Angeles on Wednesday but liberal media organizations didn’t seem particularly interested.

“A person in a gorilla mask threw an egg at a black candidate for governor today and they all just looked the other way,” political pundit Stephen L. Miller tweeted. “Pretend it’s Stacey Abrams. Now ask how our media would react. Why aren’t they reacting that way here?”

MSNBC didn’t mention the egg incident through 8 a.m. ET Thursday morning, but found time to claim Elder pushes White supremacy. The attack on Elder received a brief mention on CNN at 5:40 a.m. ET, but the liberal network otherwise ignored the story through Thursday morning.

“Needless to say, if a prominent black Democrat like Rep. Clyburn were campaigning & a Trump fan wearing a gorilla mask threw an egg at him, the story would receive nonstop coverage on CNN/MSNBC. When it happens to a black Republican? So far just a single 5 second mention on CNN,” Elliott tweeted.

ABC’s “World News Tonight,” “NBC Nightly News” and CBS’ “Evening News” didn’t find time for the story on Wednesday. The Washington Post appeared to skip the attack on Elder, too.

The New York Times was criticized by journalist Jeryl Bier for such scant coverage.

Politico didn’t appear to cover how eggs were pelted at Elder, but… (Read more)