Leaders of Florida town declare first week of February ‘Donald J. Trump week’


City leaders in Frostproof, a small town in Florida where officials boast former President Trump has previously enjoyed an overwhelming amount of support from local voters, have declared the first week of February “Donald J. Trump week.”

According to a local NBC affiliate station, the city’s leaders decided to greenlight the declaration, under which the first six days of Black History Month will fall under the new designation, at a meeting on Monday.

The town has a population of roughly 3,180 people, of which more than 90 percent belong to non-Hispanic white and Hispanic white ethnic groups, according to 2018 figures provided by Data USA.

Polk County, where the city lies, went for Trump heavily in the 2016 presidential election, with 55.4 of the county’s voters backing the Republican.

The proclamation claimed Trump won more than 75 p… (Read more)