Vice President Kamala Harris quipped that she will have to stop agreeing to take on more responsibilities from the president amid criticism over her handling of the southern border crisis and claims her office is plagued by fighting.

About 19 minutes into the 20-minute interview with BET that aired Friday, broadcaster Soledad O’Brien rattled off Harris’ major undertakings.

‘Immigration, increasing broadband access, black maternal mortality, racial inequality, women in the workforce, infrastructure. We just talked about voting rights. That seems like a lot for one person,’ O’Brien said to Harris.

‘Can one person do all that realistically?’ O’Brien asked.

Harris responded by saying she multitasks and admits there’s a lot to get done.

Then she jokingly said, ‘Yeah, maybe I don’t say “no” enough,’ and then laughed.

‘But I do believe that these things are achievable. It’s just a lot of hard work, but that’s why we’re here and that’s what people wanted. Right?’ Harris said.

‘We will go into these positions that we will arrive in these positions, and we will work hard and get things done. And that’s what motivates me, truly.’

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Harris has been heavily scrutinized by Republicans and some mainstream media, including CNN, for her handling of the border crisis.

West Wing aides from Joe Biden’s office are also said to have been displeased by missteps she made while addressing the issue.

And last week, aides and administration officials complained of a tense atmosphere with low morale and trust, and bad communication in Harris’s office in a bombshell Politico  report.

She waited 93 days to visit the border after President Joe Biden tasked her tackling the immigration crisis. When she finally visited El Paso, Texas on June 25, Republicans said it was a ‘pit stop’ en route to her California home.

In Politico’s report, aides said they were treated ‘like s**t’ and tensions reached a breaking point when Harris finally decided to visit the border.

The decision blindsided officials tasked with arranging travel and others o… (Read more)