Joy Reid says knife-wielding Ma’Khia Bryant could have been ‘scared’


MSNBC’s Joy Reid has argued that something must have ‘scared’ 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant before she lunged at another woman with a knife and was shot dead by a cop.

Police were called to a chaotic scene at the foster home in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday, and police officer Nicholas Reardon opened fire on Ma’Khia when she launched her knife attack.

The events that took place before police arrived remain uncertain, but Ma’Khia’s foster mother Angela Moore has said the teen had argued with two of her former foster children over an untidy bed.

During her broadcast of ‘The ReidOut’ on MSNBC on Thursday, Joy made an argument defending Bryant’s actions before the shooting.

‘We don’t know the details of what happened beforehand but I’m bothered that no one is asking what could’ve scared a 16-year-old girl enough that she felt that she had to grab a kitchen knife facing two adult women,’ Reid said.

‘No one’s asking what would’ve scared a kid who’s in a foster situation so much that she felt that she needed to defend herself or pick up a knife,’ she added.

Reid also took aim at people who have said the officer was protecting the other girls involved in the altercation when he opened fire on knife-wielding Ma’Khia.

‘No one’s asking that about her, they’re just saying – people with this sort of concern trolling – pretending they care so much about those other two women,’ Reid said.

‘Do we really think these people are so concerned about those other two black women?’

Her comments drew a backlash from some on Twitter.

One wrote: ‘911 operators, take note. Ask if it’s a knife fight first, then do not dispatch police. Send Joy Reid.’

Conservative Curtis Houck said ‘Joy Reid claims anyone defending the officer that shot #MaKiyahBryant is more concerned about the white officer and don’t actually care about the lives of the other girls b/c – you guessed it – they’re black’

One user asked, ‘Joy a black girl was saved doesn’t that life matter to you?’

She said the fight over the housework started before she had arrived home from work.

‘It was over keeping the house clean,’ Moore, who was taking care of Bryant, said.

‘The older one told them to clean up the house because “Mom doesn’t like the house dirty.” So that’s how it all started.’

Moore said she was told that Ma’Khia had told the older girl: ‘You’re not the guardian of me.’

Moore said the girls argued ‘all the time’ since Ma’Khia moved into the home a few months ago and she was told by one of those involved in the brawl how it broke out.

‘I never thought it would escalate like that,’ Moore said.

She received a frantic phone call from one of the former foster children who is seen in the fateful police bodycam video wearing pink as Ma’Khia lunged at her with a knife before being gunned down by Reardon.

Moore said the young girl in pink told her: ‘”Mom, get home. Where are you? They’re going crazy.” She said they shot Ma’Kiah and I said, “Huh?” It was just crazy.’

The foster mother started to pray and received text messages from people sending their condolences before she had even arrived home to find the teenager dead.

Moore paid tribute to Ma’Khia as a ‘fun’ girl who loved to dance and help around the house, while her birth mother Paula said she loved music, cooking and making TikTok videos.

The revelations come after one of her neighbors, a military veteran, said his home security camera proves the Columbus Police officer had no choice but to shoot the teenager because more people could have been killed.

Donavon Brinson told Fox News Thursday morning he believes Bryant could have fatally stabbed the young woman she was seen lunging at with a knife if the cop hadn’t opened … (Read more)