‘Impeachment Is Just The Beginning’: Legal Analyst Predicts Criminal Charges For Trump


MSNBC legal analyst Paul Butler predicted Friday that former President Donald Trump will face criminal charges.

“Impeachment is just the beginning for Donald Trump. He and his lawyers are going to be in criminal and civil courtrooms all over the United States,” Butler said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Butler said that Trump’s impeachment defense is similar to his defense in Georgia.

“The defense is he didn’t actually mean it. It’s just Trump being Trump, you know how he is. So in impeachment he says, ‘When I tell my supporters to fight, I don’t mean that literally.’ In Georgia it’s the same. When I say, ‘you need to find 100,000 votes,’ I didn’t actually mean that,” Butler said.

“And the Republicans in the Senate may fall for that defense of ‘don’t believe your lying ears,’ but I don’t think an Atlanta jury would. I don’t think that juries in these states where Trump faces civil and criminal liability are going to be nearly as sympathetic as these 44 Republican senators,” he continued.

The Trump campaign launched multiple lawsuits over alleged voter fraud in the days and weeks following the presidential election.

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