“I’m Not Worried About That”; Pelosi Doesn’t Care That Impeachment Would Undercut Biden’s “Unity” Message


To the surprise of absolutely nobody, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she’s not worried about the affect that an impeachment trial would have on “unity” in our country.

“You mentioned unity and a message of unity yesterday,” the reporter began to ask.

Are you at all concerned about moving forward with an impeachment trial that could undercut that message and alienate all the conservative supporters of the President?,” he added.

“No,” Pelosi responded bluntly.

No I’m not worried about that,” she added.

Does it surprise us that Pelosi would rather waste her time on another long-shot impeachment conviction rather than do some actual legislating? Absolutely not.

This comes just one day after Pelosi pushed the idea of Trump being an “accessory to murder” in the January 6th Capitol protests.

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