‘I’m Going To Win For All Trump Supporters’: UFC Star Colby Covington Talks Upcoming Title Fight


Outspoken and not backing down anytime soon, UFC Welterweight star Colby Covington has an announcement to make.

“I’m going to be getting my rematch with ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ (Kamaru Usman),” Covington said on the latest episode of Candace.  “I’m going to be fighting November 6th for the world title — you have to come front row again.”

“We’re going to get our rematch and we’re going to get our revenge,” he added.

Covington is looking to atone for his first fight against Usman, a fifth round TKO loss at UFC 245 in December 2019. The rematch will take place at UFC 268 in November, and Covington, the number one ranked welterweight contender, feels there will be a different result the second time around.

“I feel very confident in this rematch with Usman,” Covington told The Daily Wire. “I know what he brings to the table, I know the fighter he is. I’ve been in there for 25 minutes with him before. I’m going to bring a completely different game plan to this fight. I have new coaches, a new team surrounding me, new energy. I have a newfound love for the sport.”

Usman is 19-1 and won the belt after beating Tyron Woodley in March 2019, before defending the belt against Covington.

“As an American, when you face a little adversity in life you have two ways you can go — you can get stronger from it or you can get weaker. And I feel like I’ve got a lot stronger from that loss. I don’t really consider it a loss because there were a lot of bad calls and bad refereeing. It felt like I was fighting two on one [that] night. I’m a better fighter and I feel like he’s not going to be able to stop my pace.”

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