HURT FEELINGS? Disinvited Pelosi Tells Reporters She Was Too Busy With “Other Parties” to Attend Obama’s Birthday


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was apparently too busy with “other parties” to attend the most popular Democratic president in modern history Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party.

According to the Daily Mail, Pelosi showed up to St. Elizabeth’s Church on Martha’s Vineyard, where Obama’s party was, but didn’t go inside. Why? Because she had other parties to go to.

“I didn’t go. I had other parties to go to,” Pelosi said to Attorney Kevin Blake after being asked how the party was.

Blake said to the Daily Mail that he found it “hilarious” that Pelosi didn’t go to Obama’s birthday party.

“To be her, the most powerful woman in Congress, and not even go to his party? I find that hilarious,” he said. “And she’s the one carrying forward his agenda.”…(Read more)