Has The Pope Been Arrested?

One of the things I pride myself on most when running this website is researching and only posting what I can truly verify.

And just like you, I’ve seen all the people claiming that the Pope has been arrested today on 80 counts of child sex trafficking.

To begin, let me just say I am NO FAN of this Pope.
I think he’s truly despicable.

I’ve written about him many times, here, here, here, here and here just to name a few.

The story about the Pope was fueled by the Vatican going dark last night:

And once that happened, the rumors really started to flow.

Check these out:

Remember what Q said….the first arrest will shock the world!

Remember that?

Here’s what I posted:

The Pope being arrested would certainly shock the world, don’t you think?

But the big question is…..did it happen?

Well, as much as I WANT this to be true, as of right now I cannot verify it to be accurate.

The Pope’s official Twitter page just posted this 4 hours ago:

Now that doesn’t really tell us much because (1) I’m sure the Pope has people that run that for him, and not him personally, and (2) it indicates it was actually a scheduled Tweet posted by TweetDeck.

So not much help there.

This person is claiming the Pope is currently giving a prayer live on the Vatican website.

It true, and if not a recording, and if not a Deep Fake, then it would confirm he has NOT in fact been arrested.

Take a look:

Since I cannot verify the story to be true, my advice is to please hold off on getting too excited.

And don’t spread Fake News.

Folks, the real news coming out in the next 10 days will be wilder than anything you could make up.

Wait for the real stuff.

Now, before I wrap up this article I do want to give a little bit on the other side of the coin.

Lin Wood has been posting a lot this morning about Italy and the Pope and he seems to be indicating that either something big HAS already happened or WILL soon happen.