GOP slams House Democrats’ election reform bill


The presidential election could look a lot different in 2024, as Democrats have proposed a bill to reform the election process. On Monday, all House Democrats cosponsored a bill known as H. R.1, or the For the People Act of 2021.

New reports have shown Republicans fear the bill would put too much power into the hands of the federal government.

According to the legislation, Democrats are proposing Congress have ultimate supervisory power over federal elections, rather than leaving it up to individual states. As One America’s Pearson Sharp reported earlier this month, this could lead to more ballot harvesting and more risk for election fraud.

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2 thoughts on “GOP slams House Democrats’ election reform bill”

  1. Who does the swamp think there kidding? We are not stupid. Your reform is for you, not us. You want to rig all the future elections as you did the 2020. You are NOT for the people! The people want the true winner of the election in the White House; Donald Trump!!!!!


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