GOP House candidates who came close to winning in 2020 running again in 2022


Republican Matt Mowers made it official this week, launching his second bid for the House of Representatives in one of the premiere congressional battleground districts in the country.

“I’m announcing with all of you here tonight that we’re going to finish the job we started last year,” Mowers declared Wednesday, as he kicked off his campaign at a launch event in Manchester, N. H.

The former executive director of the state GOP and veteran of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign who later served as a State Department official during the Trump administration, came within five points of defeating Democratic Rep. Chris Pappas last November in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District.

Mowers, who joins a growing primary field in the race for the GOP nomination, says running once and coming close to victory will benefit him as he makes a second bid for Congress.

“I’m now better known in the district. Folks have gotten to know me, a little bit of my background, what I stand for,” he told Fox News.

Mowers pointed out that the coronavirus pandemic swept across the nation soon after he launched his 2020 campaign.

“All the shutdowns happened two months after I kicked off my campaign, which totally changed the dynamic to run in,” Mowers said.

“I think it’s great that this go-around, I’ll be able to get out there and go to every diner, go to every coffee shop. I’ve already been to two parades the past couple of weeks. There wasn’t a single parade to march in last year,” he noted. “All of those things are going to give us an opportunity to get our message out in a way that we couldn’t last year. I think that’s going to be a big benefit for us.”

Mowers is one of 11 Republican House candidates who came close to winning last November who are taking a second shot at it in 2022.

While Republicans lost the White House and their Senate majority in the 2020 election cycle, they defied expectations and took a big bite out of the Democrats’ large House majority. The GOP needs a net gain of just five seats in next year’s midterms to regain control of the chamber that they lost in the 2018 elections.

“Every cycle I’ll look at a couple of people who come up close and I’ll ask them to run again,” House GOP Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy told Fox News in a recent interview.

The longtime Republican from California then named a handful of GOP candidates “who came very close that I believe will make us into the majority” in 2022.

One of those McCarthy mentioned is Derrick Van Orden, who’s running again for a House seat in southwestern Wisconsin, one of just seven districts that Trump won in 2020 that’s controlled by the Democrats.

Van Orden, who retired as a Navy SEAL Senior Chief with five combat deployments after 26 years in the military, lost by a razor-thin margin last No… (Read more)