Florida’s ‘Cavalry’ Helps Secure the Border: ‘You’ve Got a Storm and We’re Coming to Help You’


At a June 16 press conference, Florida’s Ron DeSantis became the first governor to answer the plea for help from fellow Republican governors—Doug Ducey of Arizona and Greg Abbott of Texas—by authorizing the deployment of law enforcement resources to help secure the border.

“It’s undeniable that the border crisis is out of control,” Christina Pushaw, press secretary to DeSantis told The Epoch Times. “Helping our fellow Americans in their moment of need is always the right thing to do. The governors of other states have sent resources to Florida in the past to help respond to natural disasters. With the federal government unable or unwilling to enforce our laws and secure our border, Florida is ready to step up to the plate and do our part.”

“Florida is stepping up to the plate,” Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey declared to The Epoch Times, saying, “Texas and Arizona, you’ve got a storm, and we’re coming to help you.”

“When the state of Florida has a storm that devastates an area, law enforcement resources from across the country respond and come to our rescue,” Ivey explained. “The concept of responding to the needs of a state in the aftermath of a storm is no different than responding to the needs of another state in the midst of a border crisis.”

“When the governor called Wednesday and expressed his concerns about our southern border, I immediately offered whatever resources we could spare for this endeavor,” Okaloosa County Sheriff Eric Aden told The Epoch Times. “After all, these states have answered the call for us with hurricane relief and other emergencies, so it’s only fair that we return the effort when they call for help.”

“It’s doing the right thing,” Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno told The Epoch Times. “Inevitably, whenever we have an emergency or a hurricane that comes through here, the governors of Texas and Arizona send us anything that we need.”

Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford told The Epoch Times he also sees the cry for help from the governors of Texas and Arizona to secure the border as an opportunity to repay the debt he owes after hurricane Michael devastated Bay County and many sheriffs from other states came to their aid.

“So we’re going to volunteer to be the first ones there to help,” Ford said.

“Securing the border helps Floridians,” Pushaw explained. “Even though Florida isn’t a border state, securing the southern border would help stop the flow of narcotics that end up in our state and ravage our communities. Illegal immigrants have also committed crimes in Florida, which could have been prevented if our immigration laws were enforced.”

As Marceno told The Epoch Times, fentanyl cases have gone up 230 percent in Lee County over the past six months and there has been a 3,000 percent increase in the number of sexual predators coming across U. S. borders.

“We’re not going to allow it,” Marceno asserted. “Florida’s residents are going to be safe and secure.”

“It’s something I think is missed sometimes in the talking points of this issue of a safe and secure border,” Ford ob… (Read more)