Florida Republicans welcome Trump’s political activity in area: ‘He is our hometown president’

Florida Republicans are welcoming former President Trump — and his political activity — to the Sunshine State since leaving office, dubbing him their “hometown president.”

The president, who relocated to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla., has already established an official post-presidency office to oversee his affairs, and has already met with House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy—just 9 days after leaving the White House.

And Republicans in Florida are welcoming the activity, saying the party will be “fueled by Donald Trump moving forward.”

“When he wants to have an event, we would build an event around him,” Christian Ziegler, vice chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, told the Orlando Sentinel. “If he wants to make any visits around the state, we will facilitate. It is his party.”

He added: “He is our hometown president.”

Ziegler’s comment comes just after Trump met with McCarthy, R-Calif., at Mar-a-Lago, where the two agreed to work together on Republicans taking back the House in 2022.

Meanwhile, Palm Beach County Republican Party Chairman Michael Barnett told the Sentinel that hundreds of Republican Party members are expected to attend the Palm Beach County GOP’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner at Mar-a-Lago in April. Barnett told the Sentinel he hopes Trump will attend.

“If he is available, I hope he comes down from the residence, says hi and speaks a little bit,” Barnett told The Sentinel.

McCarthy, who once said Trump “bears responsibility” for the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot, reunited with Trump in Florida for a “very good and cordial” meeting where McCarthy welcomed Trump’s support in promoting GOP House candidates in the next election, according to a readout from Trump’s team.

“President Trump has agreed to work with Leader McCarthy on helping the Republican Party to become a majority in the House,” according to a statement from Trump-aligned Save America PAC. “They worked very well together in the last election and picked up at least 15 seats when most predicted it would be the opposite. They will do so again, and the work has already started.”

McCarthy welcomed Trump’s commitment to help elect Republicans in the House and Senate.

“For the sake of our country, the radical Democrat agenda must be stopped,” McCarthy said in a statement.  “A united conservative movement will strengthen the bonds of our citizens and uphold the freedoms our country was founded on.”

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