‘Corrupt, Lying, Cheating Criminal’: Megyn Kelly Tears Into Cuomo Over Nursing Home Coverup


Journalist Megyn Kelly tore into Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Friday as the governor continued to shrug off responsibility for the number of coronavirus patients who had died in nursing homes after his March 25 order.

During a podcast episode with talk show host Eric Bolling, Kelly discussed how Cuomo reportedly threatened a New York Democrat who has been critical of the governor’s coronavirus management.

“Thousands of people are dead,” Kelly added later during the conversation. “There appears to be a massive cover up a foot. Let’s just look at the relative stakes here. We’re talking about the massive loss of life of our most vulnerable beloved ones.”

Kim said that Cuomo called him and berated him about the letter and pressured him to lie about the aide’s disclosure of the nursing home death totals.

“He goes off about how I hadn’t seen his wrath and anger, that he would destroy me and he would go out tomorrow and start telling how bad of a person I am and I would be finished,” Kim told the New York Times.

“Basically, I saw a crime and he’s asking me to say that I did not see that crime. I heard what I heard and I can’t… (Read more)