Congressman Gives Militarized Capitol a New Nickname: ‘Fort Pelosi’


Republican Congressional members are asking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to provide reasoning for detaining National Guards troops in Washington, D. C, with one representative nicknaming the Capitol “Fort Pelosi.”

“I’m still a serving national guardsman, and I can appreciate that those soldiers were pulled out of their businesses, their jobs, their families, and they’re sitting there with this open-ended mandate,” Republican Rep. Michael Waltz of Florida told Fox Business Network.

“I’ve repeatedly asked, as have a number of my colleagues, the Army, the National Guard Bureau, the Department of Justice, what is the threat that is so large, specifically, that requires more soldiers on Capitol Hill than we have in Iraq and Afghanistan combined? And then what are we going to do about it? What are we going to do going forward?”

“I’m calling it Fort Pelosi at this point,” he added. “The Guard can’t serve as her private security force, and we need answers and we’re not getting any.”

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The National Guard has been stationed in Washington since the Jan. 6 incursion of the Capitol.

There were 25,000 troops deployed for President Joe Biden’s inauguration, and 7,000 remained at the Capitol during the Senate impeachment hearings over concerns of “civil unrest.”

Five-thousand troops will remain until March 22, according to Fox News.

In a President’s Day letter to her Democratic colleagues, Pelosi said “security is the order of the day” as she announced the creation of an independent 9/11-type commissi… (Read more)