Comedian Bill Burr rails against cancel culture: ‘I also have the right to say whatever I want’


Bill Burr voiced his opinion about cancel culture and how it doesn’t affect his stand-up material in the slightest.

The comedian appeared on The Pat McAfee show this week and shared his take on why he doesn’t lose sleep worrying about being “canceled” online.

“This is a time to be irreverent, and it’s also a time to be empathetic,” Burr reasoned. “And you have to know how to do both. These people that are on the extreme right and left, I think, only represent about 15% of the population. And any time you’re hardcore or extreme, you inevitably become intolerant. I just feel like 85% of the country on the right and the left is kind of sitting there, when are dad and mom going to stop screaming at each other.”

“The thing is, I don’t do anything in my act that’s malicious,” he added. “I’m not going out there to hurt anybody. But like, I also have the right to say whatever I want to say and say it the way I want to say it.”

Burr admitted, “I’m not saying that I never have made mistakes, and most times I’ve, you know, pissed somebody off and made somebody cry. If they come up to me, and they have a legitimate thing then I’ll apologize to them. But I’m not apologizing to a bunch of f–king people because I told a joke [at a show] that they weren’t at.”

Others have also addressed cancel culture. Comedian Al Franken, a former Democratic Minnesota senator, recently spoke out about being canceled after he was pressured to resign from the U. S. Senate in 2018 in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations.

“It was a bit of a shock when it happened,” Franken said on CBS Mornings in reference to the allegations and resigning. “This is me going back to my roots.”

Three dozen of Franken’s Democratic colleagues called on him… (Read more)