Colin Kaepernick’s Netflix Production Shut Down Over Worries of Anti-BLM Protests


Colin Kaepernick’s Netflix film production was briefly plunged into turmoil over fears that anti-Black Lives Matter activists were planning a protest during a location shoot.

The film project, entitled Colin in Black and White, is being produced by Emmy-winning Director Ava DuVernay and will star Jaden Michael as a young Colin Kaepernick.

Producers became worried that the production was going to be targeted on Friday by a protest sponsored by the conservative group, the Proud Boys. While no protest ever materialized, the producers sent a list of instructions to crew and staff just in case, TMZ reported.

A memo was sent about the possible protest telling staff that “anti-BLM sentiments may protest against the production.” Insiders also told TMZ that someone claiming to be a member of the protesters had called the production offices to warn about the protest plans.

It is unclear why no protest was mounted, but Kaepernick was not onset during last week’s location shoot.

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