The National Fraternal Order of Police issued a blistering statement in response to Chicago’s request for suburban police officers to volunteer to help fight surging crime in the city’s urban center.

“The devolving situation in Chicago and the very real threat to public safety in the city has been entirely manufactured and unnecessarily escalated by Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Now she is searching for a way out of this mess and insists that ‘contingency plans’ are in place,” the statement issued on Wednesday said. “The truth is her recent call for help through the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS), a system designed to help agencies respond to emergency situations that may overwhelm responding agencies, has been met with considerable skepticism and rejection by at least two nearby agencies. This emergency system is for emergencies and is not intended for instances where a mayor or agency suspends or fires a large number of their own police force.”

Illinois suburban police are being asked to volunteer and help Chicago in the event that possible city police officer shortages lead to critical situations, according to a report earlier this week.

A coordinator from the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) sent an email to a dozen police officials across the state requesting they ask members of their specialized units whether they could respond to dangerous situations in Chicago, and how fast they could get there, Chicago’s WGN-TV reported.

“To be clear, if members of the ILEAS Special Teams programs are requested, it would be for emergency situations, NOT for routine police assistance and the answering of calls for service within the city limits. Illinois State Police and Cook County Sheriff’s Office would be tasked with the patrol needs,” the email read.

While the Cook County Sheriff’s department already works with Chicago police in helping certain neighborhoods with high crime, other suburban departments told WGN-TV they weren’t ready to answer the call.

“I will not send my personnel to Chicago unless an officer is under direct duress because I cannot support this slanted agenda,” said Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain. “I also will not allow my deputies to be subjected to use of force in the City and be under the prosecutorial jurisdiction of the Cook County State’s Attorney.”

The request comes after the administration of Mayor Lori Lightfoot required that city workers report their COVID-19 vaccination status or be placed on unpaid leave, setting a deadline for this past Friday.

As of Monday, just under 65% of Chicago Police Department personnel reported their… (Read more)