​President-elect Joe Biden ‘confident’ son Hunter did nothing wrong

President-elect Joe Biden said Wednesday he’s “confident” that Hunter Biden did nothing wrong, addressing directly the federal investigations into his son’s “tax affairs” and business dealings in Ukraine.   Asked by a Fox News reporter at an event to announce his nomination of Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary if he was sure of his son’s innocence, … Read more

Trump Lawyer Urges Colorado To Audit Dominion

President Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis is urging Colorado lawmakers to audit Dominion voting machines and mail-in ballots. She says she suspects the Dominion system impacted Colorado’s results. The Colorado legislative audit committee held a hearing on election integrity at the state capitol on Tuesday. President Trump’s top legal adviser Jenna Ellis called in during the hearing. “The reason that … Read more

Obama: Republican Party ‘is the minority party in this country’

Former President Obama on Tuesday labeled the Republican Party as “the minority party in this country” in a late-night interview.  The former president told “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah that the Republican Party does not look like “the minority party” due to governmental structures like the Senate and the Electoral College that give it more influence. … Read more