A MASSIVE Declassification, Pardon, And Special Counsel Appointments May Be Underway From President Trump

From: WELOVETRUMP.COM If these reports are true then this is HUGE news! The Biden Harris Presidency (if it even happens) will probably be the shortest lived tenure in office we have ever seen. These people are so obviously corrupt, and picked a fight with the wrong guy. According to reports, President Trump is about to … Read more

WATCH: Push to Recall Newsom Gaining Steam, Over 800k Petition Signatures and 2-3k active volunteers

The push to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom is gaining steam. Rescue California campaign manager Anne Dunsmore appeared on Fox News where she discussed progress the group has made as the petition for recall passes 800K signatures. The Citizen movement has 2-3k active volunteers on the ground in the Golden State. Dunsmore said “it’s probably … Read more