NRCC finance chair: Republicans who voted for Trump impeachment will not be penalized

From THEHILL.COM Rep. Darin LaHood (R-Ill.), finance chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), on Thursday affirmed that the House lawmakers who voted to impeach former President Trump would still receive funding for their respective reelection campaigns. During a phone interview with Politico, LaHood said that gaining control of the House in 2022 was more … Read more

Lawmaker wants Tennessee to have power to exempt itself from presidential executive order

From FOX17.COM NASHVILLE, Tenn.–A Tennessee state representative is seeking to give the General Assembly the power to exempt the state from executive orders issued by the president. Republican Susan Lynn of Mount Juliet filed HB 1229 on Thursday, the bill also sponsored by Senator Frank S. Niceley of Strawberry Plains in his respective chamber. The proposed … Read more

Senate Democrats Dangle 14th Amendment to Keep Trump From Office

From WWW.NEWSMAX.COM Several Senate Democrats have not ruled out trying to prevent former President Donald Trump from holding future office by using a constitutional amendment originally created to keep Confederates from serving in the post-Civil War government. With an unlikely 67 votes needed to convict Trump in the ongoing Senate impeachment trial, some Democrats have discussed invoking the 14th Amendment … Read more

Biden Predicts ‘Some Minds May Be Changed’ By Impeachment Managers’ Arguments

From DAILYCALLER.COM President Joe Biden told reporters Thursday that he thinks that House impeachment managers’ Wednesday arguments might change some minds on whether or not the Senate should convict former President Donald Trump. The president’s comments came during an Oval Office spray where he clarified that, as promised, he did not watch any of Wednesday’s proceedings … Read more