Growing number of Senate Republicans rise to Trump’s defense ahead of impeachment trial

From WWW.BALTIMORESUN.COM WASHINGTON — A growing number of Republican senators say they oppose holding an impeachment trial, a sign of the dimming chances that former President Donald Trump will be convicted on the charge that he incited a siege of the U.S. Capitol. House Democrats, who will walk the impeachment charge of “incitement of insurrection” to … Read more

Rubio Says It’s ‘Arrogant’ to Impeach Trump to Bar Him from Running Again

From WWW.NATIONALREVIEW.COM Senator Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) on Sunday called the effort to impeach former President Trump in order to bar him from running for office again “arrogant,” saying “voters get to decide” who is elected. “I think that’s an arrogant statement for anyone to make,” Rubio responded when asked by host Chis Wallace on Fox … Read more

Trump to lead national election integrity drive as first post-presidential move, says adviser

From JUSTTHENEWS.COM Top Trump adviser Jason Miller told “Just the News AM” on Thursday that he expects former President Trump to “emerge as the nation’s leader on ballot and voting integrity” in the coming months. Miller, who was aboard Air Force One with Trump and his family as they flew from Washington, D.C. to Florida on … Read more

NYTimes ripped for labeling Biden ‘most religiously observant’ president in 50 years

From WWW.FOXNEWS.COM Conservatives ripped The New York Times for describing President Biden as “perhaps the most religiously observant commander in chief in half a century” in a story published Saturday. Pundits were quick to point out former presidents George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter for their outspoken faith. “George W Bush said Jesus Christ was his … Read more

Arizona Republicans censure Cindy McCain, GOP governor

From ABCNEWS.GO.COM PHOENIX — Arizona Republicans voted Saturday to censure Cindy McCain and two prominent GOP members who have found themselves crosswise with former President Donald Trump. The censures of Sen. John McCain’s widow, former Sen. Jeff Flake and Gov. Doug Ducey are merely symbolic. But they show the party’s foot soldiers are focused on enforcing … Read more