Cotton: ‘Biden’s Border Crisis Is A Superspreader Event’

From WWW.DAILYWIRE.COM Tuesday evening, after a news report from NBC News delineated a number of illegal immigrants released by the U. S. Border Patrol who then tested positive for COVID-19 and subsequently said they planned to visit other cities and states, Arkansas GOP senator Tom Cotton fired, “President Biden’s border crisis is a superspreader event.” The … Read more

Andrew Cuomo aide leaves COVID-19 task force amid sex-harass scandal

From WWW.FOXNEWS.COM The aide whose wedding reception was the venue that led to a sexual-harassment allegation against Gov. Andrew Cuomo is leaving the state’s COVID-19 task force, he said Wednesday. Gareth Rhodes said in a prepared statement that he’s returning to his position as deputy superintendent and special counsel to the state Department of Financial Services. “Last week … Read more

Chelsea Handler fumes at Abbott “Only another white man could figure out a way to become a worse person than Ted Cruz”

Moments ago, liberal talk show host Chelsea Handler attacked Texas Governor Greg Abbott for announcing the end of the state mask mandate and opening businesses at 100%. Handler tweeted “only another white man could figure out a way to become a worse person than Ted Cruz.” Only another white man could figure out a way … Read more

AOC mocked after arguing Denmark pays $22/hr for McDonalds workers and 6 weeks paid leave

Progressive Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faced mockery after arguing $15/hr minimum wage is a “deep compromise” and arguing that in Denmark McDonald’s workers are paid $22/hr and given 6 weeks of paid leave. AOC wrote: It is utterly embarrassing that “pay people enough to live” is a stance that’s even up for debate. Override the parliamentarian … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah rip Gov. Andrew Cuomo over sexual misconduct allegations: ‘You’re so dumb you shouldn’t be in office’

From WWW.THEBLAZE.COM Late-night TV hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah hit out at New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) Tuesday night, blasting him for the emergence of sexual misconduct allegations against him. The remarks came as a third woman on Monday accused the embattled Democrat of sexual harassment, insisting that he made unwanted advances toward her … Read more