Trump impeachment lawyer says he will use videos of Dem rhetoric in defense

Appearing with Laura Ingraham Bruce Castor, former President Trump’s lead impeachment lawyer, said he’ll utilize “dueling” videos of Democrats’ rhetoric. Ingraham asked “Will you then respond with Maxine Waters, a number of other Democrat officials not speaking out about the antifa and other extremist rallies over the last summer?” Castor responded “I think you can … Read more

REPORT: Trump “plotting revenge tour” against political opponents in GOP

According to a new report from The Independent, former President Trump is planning a “revenge tour” against political opponents after his impeachment trial is completed. 10 House Republicans, including Liz Cheney, the 3rd highest ranking Republicans in the House, voted for Trump’s impeachment. According to the report, Trump has been advised it would be unwise … Read more

BREAKING: 13 GOP Lawmakers sign letter to Pelosi demanding AOC apologize for accusing Cruz of attempted murder

13 GOP lawmakers have signed a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanding Progressive lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez apologize for accusing Ted Cruz of attempting to murder her. Rep. Lauren Boebert wrote “Just when we thought @RepAOC had found common ground with @SenTedCruz, she goes and accuses him of attempted murder. I joined a letter with @RepChipRoy asking @SpeakerPelosi to call for an … Read more

Wayne Allyn Root Delivers Powerful Message After A Crazy Week: ‘Trump Is A Hero To 74 Million Voters’

Commentary by Wayne Allyn Root The media, politicians and the D.C. swamp haven’t got a clue what the people think and feel. As a matter of fact, they are always dead wrong about everything. Let’s start with my personal experiences on Wednesday morning. As the leading conservative radio host in Las Vegas, with the powerhouse … Read more

Michelle Obama “This summer’s Black Lives Matter protests were an overwhelmingly peaceful movement”

In her call for Silicon Valley to ban Trump prior to Twitter’s decision to permanently suspend Trump, Michelle Obama wrote: “Now is the time for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior — and go even further than they have already by permanently banning this man from their platforms and putting in place … Read more