‘Righting wrongs’: Democrats want reparations for descendants of slaves

From WWW.USATODAY.COM Legislation creating a federal commission to study how the U. S. government can apologize for slavery and make reparations to the descendants of slaves is receiving renewed attention in Washington after calls grew last summer amid nationwide racial justice protests. A House committee is debating a bill Wednesday that would direct more than a dozen experts to examine how the U. S. government supported … Read more

Graham to meet with Trump to talk future of GOP

From WWW.POLITICO.COM Graham to meet with Trump to talk future of GOP The South Carolina Republican said Friday evening that he plans to encourage Trump to work with Republicans to ensure that they take back the House and the Senate in 2022. Sen. Lindsey Graham said he’ll be meeting with former President Donald Trump in the … Read more

President Trump’s children to promote MAGA movement

From WWW.OANN.COM President Trump’s oldest son, Don Jr., recently highlighted what’s next for his family and the MAGA movement. On social media Friday, he posted a video of his father saying “we haven’t finished yet.” Don Jr. added on to that by noting plans for the future have been brewing for a while. He went on … Read more

Trump impeachment lawyer says he will use videos of Dem rhetoric in defense

Appearing with Laura Ingraham Bruce Castor, former President Trump’s lead impeachment lawyer, said he’ll utilize “dueling” videos of Democrats’ rhetoric. Ingraham asked “Will you then respond with Maxine Waters, a number of other Democrat officials not speaking out about the antifa and other extremist rallies over the last summer?” Castor responded “I think you can … Read more

REPORT: Trump “plotting revenge tour” against political opponents in GOP

According to a new report from The Independent, former President Trump is planning a “revenge tour” against political opponents after his impeachment trial is completed. 10 House Republicans, including Liz Cheney, the 3rd highest ranking Republicans in the House, voted for Trump’s impeachment. According to the report, Trump has been advised it would be unwise … Read more