Disney Stock Down 33% Amid Florida Ruckus

Disney (DIS) stock has tanked 33% in the past year and — amid the Florida classroom sexual orientation bill — is on track to be one of the worst-performing stocks of 2022. In March 2021, Disney was trading at nearly $200 a share; as of April 21, 2022 market close, the stock was at $120, FoxBusiness.com reports. Disney has become … Read more

Oil producer calls out Biden’s energy policies: ‘Move over, Biden’ and let us work

From WWW.FOXBUSINESS.COM EXCLUSIVE: A prominent Kansas businessman said oil producers like himself can’t easily turn back on the spigot to produce more domestic oil after more than a year under President Biden’s “bad” domestic and foreign policies. Cecil O’Brate, CEO of American Warrior Oil, responded to Biden’s speech Tuesday where he announced a ban on Russian … Read more

BREAKING: Visa, Mastercard Suspend All Operations In Russia Effective Immediately

From: www.dailywire.com Financial services companies Visa and Mastercard announced on Saturday that they have suspended all operations in Russia following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. “Effective immediately, Visa will work with its clients and partners within Russia to cease all Visa transactions over the coming days,” Visa said in a statement. “Once complete, all … Read more


From APNEWS.COM SMETHPORT, Pa. (AP) — Some Democrats in rural Pennsylvania are afraid to tell you they’re Democrats. The party’s brand is so toxic in the small towns 100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh that some liberals have removed bumper stickers and yard signs and refuse to acknowledge publicly their party affiliation. These Democrats are used to … Read more