California Gov. Newsom gets salary boost amid recall. Challengers say he should reject it


California gubernatorial candidates are calling on Gov. Gavin Newsom to reject an $8,800 salary boost.

The California Citizens Compensation Commission (CCCC) voted unanimously Tuesday to increase the salaries of Newsom and 132 other elected state officials by 4.2%, effective in December.

The CCCC is required to meet every year by June 30 to decide whether or not to make any salary changes for elected state officials, CalHR confirmed to Fox News.

Newsom’s salary would get a boost of $8,800 to $218,500 per year, the Los Angeles Times first reported.

A recall effort against Newsom launched last June over charges the governor mishandled the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The effort was fueled by the state’s COVID-19 restrictions on businesses and houses of worship, school shutdowns and even opposition to the state’s high taxes. But discontent surged in the fall after Newsom was spotted having dinner at an ultra-exclusive restaurant, which – at best – skirted rules imposed by the governor to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

State election officials announced in April that the recall effort had garnered more than the 1.5 million valid signatures needed make the ballot.

Newsom’s challengers reacted to news of the governor’s raise in Thursday statements.

Republican gubernatorial candidate and business owner John Cox called the news an “insult to taxpayers” in a press release and noted that California’s elected officials are already the highest paid in the country.

“Over the last year, millions of Californians have lost their jobs and thousands of small businesses have been closed forever,” Cox said in a Thur… (Read more)